Tuwon Shinkafa & Ewedu Soup With A Hint Of Stew

Tuwon Shinkafa & Ewedu Soup With A Hint of Stew

Going back to the Motherland today!! I love Tuwon Shinkafa, it’s one of my favourite meals from Northern Nigeria. This time I cooked it with Ewedu Soup but it goes with so many others e.g. Miyar Taushe (Pumpkin Soup), Miyar Kuka (Baobab Soup), Vegetable Stew (Efo Riro or Edikang Ikong), Fresh Okro, Dried Okro and so on. I love all these dishes and will post the recipes for each one eventually so do keep following up, to keep yourself up to date.

In Northern Nigeria the Hausa’s and Fulani’s call it Rama whereas the South, the Yorubas call it Ewedu. In Sierra Leone this same dish is called Krain Krain also cooked as a vegetable stew and Kenyan people refer to it as Mrenda or Murere which they Eat with Ugali (Maize Meal). Β In addition to that, it is known as Nalta Sag in India, Saluyot in the Philippines, Ayoyo in Ghana and Bai Po in Thailand. Furthermore, the Scientific name for it is, Chochorus. The most interesting thing about this meal to me is that all these cultures cook it in very similar ways and mostly serve it with starchy foods e.g. Maize, Rice, Amala e.t.c. This vegetable has extremely good health benefits; high in in betacarotene, vitamin c, iron and calcium. In addition to that, the fibre in Corchorus also helps to prevent certain types of cancers and heart diseases. I hope you enjoy this recipe!! πŸ™‚


Ewedu Leaves (Fresh or Frozen)
Knorr Cubes
Grounded Crayfish
Scotch Bonnets


Put about 2 cups of water in a pot and bring to boil then add Ewedu leaves with a little bit of potassium. Boil it for another 10mins and set aside. If your leaves are fresh, let it cool down a little bit before mashing it. You can do this by using a soup broom or blender. If your Ewedu is frozen it would have already been blended so all you would need to do is bring it back to boil, add the crayfish, salt, scotch bonnets and leave to simmer for about 5-10mins. Then take it off the heat and serve it with stew.

Here is the recipe for the stew…………

Chopped Tomatoes
Scotch Bonnets
Black Pepper
Knorr Cubes
Chicken, Beef or Oxtail, Cow Leg & Tripe


I love making my stew with Cow leg, Tripe (Shaki), Hard Chicken or Broiler as some would say and oxtail or beef. I find that the combination of all the meats gives it a very nice flavour. firstly, wash all your meat thoroughly (with lime or lemon), place in a pan, add onions, salt, knorr cubes, black pepper and thyme to season and bring to boil. I usually boil mine for about two hours on low heat because I like the meat to be very soft and tender.

Place your tomatoes and chillies, (scotch bonnets), onions and knorr cubes in a blender and blend then add the mixture to the meat. leave it to simmer for about 30-40 mins until the tomato is well cooked then set aside.

Now for the Tuwon Shikafa I usually use Basmati rice, Tilda or Pearl, both very good for tuwo. Wash the rice about 2 times only, you want to keep the starch. Then add boiling water from a kettle, when the water dries up, add more. Then keep adding more until the rice is so soft, soft enough to be able melt in your hands when you touch it. You also want all the water to have dried up as well. Once thats done it is ready to be mashed. Mash using a wooden spatula. When serving you can shape it into little balls or one big ball. This really isn’t as hard as may sound so…… Bon Appetit!!!! πŸ™‚


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anas says:

    i am totally enjoying your recipes…although i know majority but i still learn a lot..thank you

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying them thank you!

  3. Aisha says:

    Hi,ewedu is not Rama in Hausa 😊,it’s called ayoyo. I’m learning a lot from u.tnx

    1. That’s actually the real name thank you!

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