Wild Rocket, Mushroom & Tomato Frittata


A Frittata is an Italian egg based dish very similar to an Omelette, Quiche or a mini Egg Pizza. It’s a great Italian way to make eggs. The best thing about this, is that you can have so many different variations of it which is always a good thing. I also love that I can have it for breakfast or brunch. It’s also a good idea for Iftar for those of you who are Muslims. When you break your fast, it’s a great recipe to start with before eating something a little heavier. Hope you enjoy it!


3 Eggs (serves 1 person so double up the recipe of you’re making for more than 1)
Lemon Zest (1 Lemon)
Pinch of Salt (or to your taste)
Fresh Mint Leaves (just a few)
Fresh Coriander Leaves (a few)
1 Chilli (optional)
6 Baby Button Mushrooms
1/2 Fresh Tomato
1/2 Finely Sliced Onion
1 Bunch Wild Rocket
1 Spring Onion
Pinch of Black Pepper
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Parmesan Cheese


Place the eggs into a large bowl and whisk, add salt, black pepper and set aside. Then in a mortar and pestle, grind the coriander, mint leaves and chilli to make a pesto (use a food processor if you don’t have a mortar and pestle). Add the Parmesan and lemon to the pesto. Add a little bit of the paste into the eggs and whisk, then add the rocket leaves. Sautée the onions and mushrooms in a pan with olive oil, once softened and a little browned, add the eggs. Sprinkle the chopped spring onion over the top and let it set. While it’s setting, add the tomatoes and the rest of the pesto over the egg with a teaspoon and leave for about 2 minutes. Take off the heat and place the pan in the oven at about 250°C for about 5 minutes until it’s golden and risen it’s done! Bon Appétit!!!! 🙂


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